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Delve into the world of Lebanese design and find your new favorite items. Looking for something specific or need assistance? Our dedicated support team is ready to help.

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ZAYN Trendy Jewelry

Experience the Timeless Elegance of Round Shaped Jewelry: A Trend that will shine in Summer 2024!  With their symmetrical design and versatile appeal, round jewelry pieces provide an effortless touch of sophistication, perfect to elevate your style. Discover ZAYN’s exquisite collection!


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Cér.Amour Collection

CERAMOUR is a brand that embodies the pure fruition of Lebanese soul craftsmanship and Mediterranean breezy vibes. Ther designs are an expression of earthy organics with a twist of traditional style, seamlessly combining ceramics with olive or oak leaves and incorporating prints of traditional rattan.

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Discover Le Petit Chato collection; Nature, fashion and trends are the fuel for Sabine, founder of this jewelry brand. Her pieces are made for everyday wear and for women of all ages.

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For The Love Of Rings


Jihan C’s architectural-inspired products serve as more than just items; they are gateways to stories waiting to be told. From bookmarks that open doors to knowledge to wall art displays, table-top sculptures, jewelry, and beyond, each creation encapsulates a piece of history. Every product intricately weaves together the threads of our roots, preserving the essence of our heritage and architecture.

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Featured Collection: Joumana Dagher

Featured Collection: Noun zein by nada zeineh